Do you fancy a cuppa?

It has been a really long time since my last post of my wedding preparation last year. Anyway, now i live in the UK, the world largest consumer of TEA. Drinking tea is a habitual activity of Britons. If you ever watched British TV drama or movie such as Downton Abbey, Sherlock, you see many scene of tea drinking. Then, you will get the point of how much their intense craving in tea.  They drink tea not only in the afternoon as part of the famous British afternoon tea, but also on their breakfast time, noon, evening, whenever they feel sad, cold, hearing a good news, bad news, gossiping, always with a cup of tea.

How did tea become very popular in England? Let’s move back to the 17th century. Green tea was the first introduced tea in England.It was sold in coffeehouses in London around 1657. In 1720, black tea replaced the popularity of green tea. Drinking black tea with milk and sugar became popular at that time.

How to prepare a lovely cuppa? There are many ways to prepare a lovely cup of tea. Some people like it black, some people like it with lemon, but most of them prefer with milk. For me, i like it with milk and sugar. I like Twinning’s everyday tea, because it has rich flavour and perfectly match with milk. To make my perfect cup of tea, first I boil water, put tea bag on mug, pour the water into the mug, wait for 30-60 seconds, throw away the tea bag, pour fresh milk while stirring it. Et voila, my cup of tea is ready!

So, do you fancy a cuppa?






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