Are you not interested in having a boyfriend?


So now, im gonna share about love and relationship topic. Are you not interested in having a boyfriend? It seems like everybody ask the same question to me. My friends, colleague, my dad (actually, my mom is cool with my condition, yeay mom, you know me!).

When I watched ‘How I Met Your Mother’ movie, i just realised that my thought is resembled with Ted Mosby. But not a pure Ted, because i dont want to be married soon. Because i still want to pursue my dreams. So, i kind of fussion between Ted and Robin. Lol.

Ted have a list of the his-future-perfect-wife. So do I, i have a list of future-perfect-husband. And we shall wait for the perfect one to come to our life. Yeah, i agree Ted!

So, the answer is I simply havent found the right one yet. Well, actually, i found the one, but, yeah, we cant be together.
But, i dont know, life is a mistery so dont let your life turn into misery. 😀

So, live your life to the fullest! Pursue your dreams! Love your parents and siblings, make them happy and proud!



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