Current Skincare Product

In my country, almost people have an obsession of having white skin. Most of Indonesian girls go to dermatology clinic to whiten their skin. They often dont know that most of the face cream contain steroid and hydroquinon which is harmful for skin. With steroid and hydroquinon, we can get a super smooth and white skin in just a month. We shall not apply steroid contained cream later than 6 months, otherwise our skin will got the addictive effect of the cream. Once we stop using the steroid based cream, our face will get darker and more acne-prone. Quite the opposite, the number of dermatology clinic in Indonesia is immensely increased.

Ironically, there is a more harmful whitening cream that is spreading in Indonesia. It contains mercury. Many girls and woman use this mercury contained whitening cream, because it is very cheap and give a faster whitening effect than the steroid one. It costs only from USD 1.5 to USD 7. Very cheap. But then again, it is inevitably harmful for our body.

With many dangerous whitening product spreading in Indonesia, I become very selective in choosing my face skincare. In combination to my curiousity and my awareness of dangerous skincare, i religiously use:
1. L’occitane Ultra Rich Face Soap. It is bery gentle and natural. It contains 8% of shea butter. I love how it smells. (Day and night)
2. Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2. It is the best toner I’ve ever used. (Day and night)
3. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. This is the secret of plumpy face. It contains Pitera. (Day and night)
4. SK-II WS Derm Brightener (Day and night)
5. SK-II WS Dermdefinition UV lotion (only on morning)
6. Loreal Radiance Boosting Double Essence (on special occasion only)


In addition to my daily skincare, i use face mask and face scrub twice a month to renew my skin. My favourite scrub and mask are Skinfood Black Sugar Mask and Skinfood Rice Mask. I brougth it when i was in Seoul. I love these masks ^^


So, my routine skincare product are from around the world. Lol. I love combining many brands in my daily routine, because i believe that each brand has its own specialization. As now i havent any problem on my face, i will continue this mixed skincare regime and i strictly wont use any hydroquinon steroid and even mercury contained facial cream.

So, this is my bare face tonight.




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