Day 2: 20 Facts About Me


So this is the second post of the challenges. Im gonna tell you the 20 weird facts about me:

1. I loathe the sickening-smell of cajuput oil. It can makes me want to throw up in just a second.

2. And i cant bear smell of wet tissue as well. Oh okay, if i mention all kind of smell that i hate, this ’20 facts about me’ post will be just ’20 smells that i hate’. As i have a sensitive nose *sigh*. So, i will jump to other topics.

3. I love Earl Grey Tea. I love it’s citrusy scent, I love it’s refreshing smell. The most delicious tea ever.

4. I used to think that God is a 60 years old white man with an old-fashioned black suit and white – side swept hair.

5. I have an adaptive hair. Haha. My hair literally can changes because of the weather effect. On a daily humid-but-sometimes-stifling weather in Indonesia, my hair is wavy/curly. However, when i go abroad in winter, where the air is chilly-almost-freezing, my hair will becomes straight! Its unusual.

6. I have 89 Books in my bedroom.

7. I cant stand ball sport. Dont ask why, i just cant do it. I cant play volley ball, tennis, basket ball, foot ball, or anything else with ball, you named it!

8. The relationship between me, bed and my blanket is deeper than you! I looveee sleeping.

9. My favourite TV show is phineas and ferb!

10. I have 8 soaps on my bathroom which i sparingly use it.

11. I cant stand mainstream music.

12. I hate rat.

13. My previous relationships were in 6 months and 6 years.

14. Im always dreaming when i sleep. Sometimes it is a lucid dreams.

15. I have sensitive eyes that will get hurts in an over-exposure light and i cant open my eyes under water.

16. I cannot burp.

17. I blush when the one that i adore is around me.

18. I like to go abroad at winter in order to wear my winter coats and boots. Thats the only reason. I cant wear it in this stifling hot Indonesia weather. :p

19. I love black pepper crab. Its the most delicious meal ever!

20. My most favourite Disney Princess is Belle.

So, thats all. Thank for reading. 🙂



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