Day 1: Introduction and Recent Photo


So this is the day one of my 31 days challenges. I’d like to give some introductory essay about myself and recently taken photographs. *why do i write a super formal language?* lol.

So, my name is Ayu. I am 24 years old. I am an employee in aviation industry. I have a long wavy dark hair. I adore it so much. I have a round face, small nose, bright eyes, and two dimples in my cheeks. Sometimes i find myself looks like Miranda Kerr. Okay thats enough, thats too narsisstic. Lol. Lets move on. I have a tan-skinned. Frankly, i prefer having a tan-skinned to fair skin. It is like a post-holiday skin colour, which, in my opinion, its attractive.

So lets move to my personalities. In general, i am obstinate, blunt, curious, laid back, adventurous, broad-minded, witty, imaginative, impulsive, willfull, intuitive, creative, pushy, impatient, easily bored. Im a fussion between Aries and Taurus personality. Sometimes i have a frustating conflict between the imaginative Aries and realistic Taurus in my mind. But, as far as im concerned, one character will balance the existence of the other one. So, im over the moon to have both character 🙂

When i took the MBTI personality test, the result was ENTP. So i am an Extrovert, iNtuitive, Thinking and Perceiving person. Its a rare personality. Its only 3% of woman with this personality in the world. It is said that ENTP girl is the most logic girl. As all my ex and friends said so, i agree with that hypothesis anyway. The explanation of ENTP personality in all websites suit me well.

So this is a bit introduction about myself. I attach my latest photograph. Taken a week ago, after finished a sketch.


Quite odd girl.



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