31 Days Blog Challenges


Im going to start this challenge as i find life is rather boring recently. Some of my bestfriends are getting married, others take a postgraduate degree abroad, and i have no boyfriend. Could you imagine how lonesome my life is? Lol.

I got this 31 challenges from a blog. I just copied it and followed it. Im not sort of follower anyway. But its pretty exciting to write the unexpected topic. Here is the challenges:


So, im going to start it right now. 😀


2 thoughts on “31 Days Blog Challenges

  1. Inyiiing nanti yg nomer 8 ada fotonya yaaah, kayak blog2 fesyen gituuu ahahaha cepetan doong diisi smuah ituu, lama bner aku nunggu 31hari X)

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